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Contextual-Conceptual Therapy (CCT) Center's main office is conveniently located on beautiful Lake Union in Seattle, where CCT founder, Fredric Matteson meets with private clients (individuals, couples, families) for therapy. He also leads a series of CCT groups.for adults, teens, and families. Some of the groups are co-led with his office partner, Dr. Sunida Bintasan, a Seattle area Adolescent/Child/Adult psychiatrist with over 30 years experience.The groups (limited to 8 persons) are series of 6 weekly sessions. The private and group sessions address issues of despair,hopelessness, and/or suicidal thinking (non-emergency situations only).

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Fredric Matteson's role as an educator in the field of suicide prevention is to help others:

To understand the context of suicide before the core problem can be addressed To help teach others about the phenomenon of suicide (and its phenomena) To offer and help implement an educational program derived from the suicidal persons' own unique language and voices, their uncovered patterns (algorithms) and common themes To view being suicidal as an opportunity to "awaken" to a new, life-changing perspective To consider suicide as a spiritual crisis...a crisis of identity...a crisis of meaning

KING 5 New Day Northwest Interview with Fredric Matteson

August 29, 2017 - NBC Seattle affiliate KING 5 television news show New Day Northwest hosts Fredric Matteson for a discussion on the myths and truths of suicide.

About Fredric Matteson

For 25 years I worked as a therapist with over 16,000 suicidal patients on an inpatient mental health unit primarily for suicidal clients. During that time, I  created an educational program for helping suicidal persons called: Contextual-Conceptual Therapy: Guiding the Suicidal Patient using Maps, Models, & Metaphors.. 


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"There has never been a therapy specifically for suicide, until today."

- David Olive, Ph.D. 
Lead psychologist (retired), 
National Health Service of England


“I have been fortunate to have observed many masters of the craft in action, including Carl Rogers, Michael Balint, Carl Whitaker, Fritz Perls, Victor Frankl, and Albert Ellis.  However, Fredric Matteson is unique in his background and approach.” 

- Tom Rusk, MD, Senior Psychiatrist

Penobscot Community Health Care
Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Distinguished Life Fellow American Psychiatric Association
Featured Guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Author of the bestselling Books: "The Power of Ethical Persuasion",
"Get Out of Your Own Way"; "I Want To Change But I Don't Know How"


"The importance of Matteson's discovery for gaining a deeper insight into the lived experience of suicidality cannot be overstated."

- Daniel Deardorff
Author of The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity In Myth, Culture & Psyche