2 CCT INTRODUCTORY TRAINING WORKSHOPS November 2nd & 3rd in Dublin November 7th & 8th in Cork

GOING DEEPER INTO THE SUICIDAL EXPERINCE (What 16,000 Suicidal Patients Have Taught Us)

A highly original, one-of-a-kind workshop, to present a new cutting edge approach to suicidality.

Fredric Matteson, keynote speaker at the 2014 World Suicide Prevention Day Conference in Dublin and his CCT Team return to Ireland from the U.S. for this 2-day experiential / didactic workshop for professionals

This 2-day introductory workshop will address the following:

  • explain suicide as a context-bound problem
  • conceptualize the paradoxical context of the suicidal person
  • understand how suicide is the symptom and not the problem
  • define the theory of the bifurcated self and its implications for therapy with suicidal persons
  • understand the metaphoric "language" of suicide

*"CCT helps the suicidal person go from literalizing their suicidal impulse to uncovering the metaphoric message underlying that same impulse."

Contact: Peter Thompson at The Well Retreat Centre in Cork
E-mail: Phone: 021-23 40 205

Early bird fee: E230 - payable in full by 31st August 2015 Regular fee; E270 -- payable in full by 18th September 2015

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*"There has never been therapy specifically for suicide, until today." ~ David Olive, PhD., Lead Psychologist, NHS of England *